Tips for Renovating Your Houseboat

January 2022 Own By Kevin Devoto

Even though they are smaller than a traditional home, houseboats can make great homes. With creative floor plans, designs and amenities, a houseboat can feel spacious and suit your daily living needs. Once you have the inside renovated the way you want, you can fully enjoy the benefits of living on a houseboat such as less upkeep and a waterfront view every day. Below are some tips when renovating your houseboat so you can fully enjoy the benefits of living on one.

Make It Energy Friendly

One of the potential benefits of living on a houseboat is lower monthly costs than owning a traditional house. Some states don’t charge property taxes for a houseboat, which can save you thousands of dollars per year. Why not add onto those savings when renovating your houseboat?

One way to save even more money is to install Chicago solar panels. Solar Panels save on your energy bill, since they use power from the sun, and come with tax credits and other savings. There’s a federal tax credit and some states won’t increase your property taxes if you add solar panels. Other savings include net metering, which means any excess energy generated by your panels can be used towards your next utility cycle. In the state of Illinois you can sell energy you produce with your solar panels. When you renovate your houseboat, consider adding solar panels for additional savings and energy efficiency.

Make Rooms Multi-Functional

Houseboats are like floating tiny homes, which provide a great opportunity to get creative with the design and layout. Think about how you can save floor space and make rooms multi-functional through quick transformations. Folding furniture is a great way to save space and create a room that has many purposes. Think of a murphy bed that, when folded up, becomes an area with a desk for your crafting or computer use needs. Another example is a cushioned dining room bench that can be transformed into a guest bed. Multi-use rooms will make the space more practical and usable for you and your guests.

Think Creatively About Storage

When you live in a smaller space, storage is often in short supply. However, the way around that is to get creative with your storage design using every possible space that would otherwise go unused. If you have stairs, no matter how many, build drawers or shelves into the side of the stairs for additional storage. You can also build your bed on a platform and put drawers beneath it. Other opportunities for storage are under a dining room bench, beneath the floorboards if your hull won’t leak and shelves built into walls that would otherwise go unused. By utilizing all of the hidden storage possibilities, you’ll find you actually have a lot of space for your belongings.

Make Spaces Look Bigger Through Illusion

When you are done with the structural design of your houseboat, it’s time to start interior decorating. There are ways to trick your brain into thinking your living space is bigger than it is. One way to make the space feel bigger is to put mirrors near windows. Not only will a mirror give the optical illusion of making the space look bigger, it will also bring in natural light and reflect it throughout the home. An abundance of natural light makes a small space feel airy and bright. Another thing you can do is install clear doors, such as the shower door, so you don’t feel like you’re in a tight and confined space. Lastly, consider the color palette you use in your home. Darker colors typically make the space feel smaller while lighter colors reflect light better and make the space feel bigger. Use the tips and tricks to expand your space in your mind’s eye.

Once your houseboat is properly renovated, you will feel like you’re living in a spacious and practical space fit for you and your guests.

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