Heidi-Ho: A Tiny Houseboat

December 2021 Own Natalia Green Web Exclusive

The idea of a pontoon boat functioning as a houseboat might sound a bit far-fetched, but Scott Cronk has found a way to make it work with the Heidi-Ho, a houseboat he designed and built himself.

This houseboat has a structure like a pontoon boat with pontoon logs, a Suzuki outboard engine with 115 HP, and a 30 feet length with an 11.5 feet width on water. However, it also includes features normally encountered in houseboats. The cabin is furnished with a full bed and bunk, making it capable of sleeping three, plus the boat includes DeckMate lounge chairs for more relaxation options. The Heidi-Ho even has household appliances such as a composting toilet, a shower, a 3-burner range and oven, and a refrigerator. Scott even tries to keep his houseboat environmentally friendly with a 175W solar panel. 

One of the Heidi-Ho’s most interesting features is its versatility. Scott can transport it over road with a trailer; the deck is even capable of reducing to an 8.5 feet width, an acceptable length for road transport. He can even camp in the cabin since it can be removed from the boat deck and used as a camping trailer. However, the houseboat’s biggest advantage for Scott might be the opportunity it grants him to see friends while summering on Lake Sonoma in Northern California.  

“After wildfires in the Fall of 2017, I sold my home in Santa Rosa, Northern California, and moved to the Palm Springs area, Southern California,” Scott explained. “This houseboat is a way for me to spend my summers visiting friends in Northern California.”

In addition to all of its other perks, this houseboat has a great advantage when it comes to price. It only costs $300 a month to berth the Heidi-Ho. Plus, the houseboat has multiple entertainment opportunities including a stereo system with four ceiling speakers, a digital TV antenna, and a swim ladder that grants easy access to the water. With the Heidi-Ho, Scott has found an innovative way to combine the convenient transportation options of a pontoon boat with the comfort of a houseboat.


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