Suspend a Tablet From the Ceiling? SeaSucker Can

January 2021 News

The active outdoor lifestyle is one of bumps and jolts. Keeping mobile electronics in place is especially difficult. Whether pounding through an offshore chop or capsizing a paddleboard, the Naked Flex Mount from SeaSucker holds a wide range of portable devices solidly and securely.

Made in the USA, the Naked Flex Mount adheres to any clean, non-porous surface such as fiberglass, plastic, steel and glass. It's perfect for holding tablets, GPS screens, light laptops and larger cell phones—and mounts upright, sideways or even upside down. With the optional Flex-X Phone Adapter, it'll secure small mobile devices. The Naked Flex Mount requires no special brackets or holders. And when no longer needed, it goes back into its zippered travel case without leaving a mark.

While the product may look like two suction cups connected by a flexible arm, nothing could be further from the truth. Two 4.5" SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts each deliver 120 lbs. of holding power. The Naked Flex Mount is made from UV-stabilized rubber and 316 stainless steel for use in extreme environments. A video is at

The Naked Flex Mount flexible gooseneck arm is so sturdy, it takes two hands to bend it into the optimal viewing angle. Once positioned, however, screens are rock-steady, no matter how much they're jarred. Available in black or white, the SeaSucker Naked Flex Mount costs $99. The Flex-X Phone Adapter is $35.

Contact SeaSucker, LLC, 1912 44th Ave E., Bradenton, FL 34203. 941-900-1850.

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