Students Living on a Houseboat in Australia

January 2021 Multimedia By Jeff Blaylock

There are many alternative options to traditional housing that are already well known across the globe. For the start, micro-apartments and mobile houses are among the most popular options. Some young people have started to adopt the van lifestyle, moving in modified vans, designed for living. However, some Australian students went even further than that. They have started to switch to the lifeboats instead of regular housing. They have found a number of undeniable benefits in such a lifestyle, especially comparing to the traditional rent options.

For some, living in a boat can become the best choice of their life. For those who need a little more convincing than that, here are five more additional reasons why living on a boat is as fun as it sounds. This article is based on the experience of the student in Australia who have already adopted a boating lifestyle.


For millennials out there life is not as easy as for the previous generations. The cost of living is getting higher than ever before, student debt for many young people in the developed countries is skyrocketing and the overall situation on the job market is not very promising either. With that being said, there should be no surprises that students are trying to find better and more efficient ways to manage their budgets. Fortunately, houseboat living is exactly one of those budget-friendly options.

By living in a boat who may not worry about extremely high rent, getting a mortgage or fully furniture your new apartment. Houseboat life comes with a lot of benefits but also with some shortcuts. You can buy a lot of furniture or kitchen devices because there is not enough place for them. You spend less on your bills because you become more aware of the water and electricity use. Overall, such a lifestyle encourages a more humble and minimalistic approach.


Simply the idea spending most of your time outside the traditional four walls already seems like a blast. A houseboat opens in front of you a lot of unique opportunities about how to spend your day. You can go fishing, swimming, or just observe those gorgeous sunrises and sunsets in the river. All those fun activities are always available for our Australian students, especially those who know how to have their Essay Writing On Time.

Plus, there is always a possibility to change the place where you live. So whenever the scenery around you is getting a bit too familiar, you can easily drop anchor somewhere else.


Minimalism is getting it's best years thus far. People try to become more aware of consumption habits, trying to buy less and reuse more often. Floating homes are great helpers in this honorable pursuit. Mainly because they will never allow their owners to become hoarders. There is simply not enough space for that! Hence, just as many Australian students here, you will need to adopt a minimalist lifestyle to make your experience with the lifeboats much more enjoyable.


Minimalism is often connected to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. This is also the case with the lifeboats. When living on a houseboat you simply can't allow yourself spending as many resources as you'd spent in an apartment. You become more conscious about how you spend your electricity and water.

Additionally, you become more in touch with nature, which makes you more inclined to adopt an eco-friendly approach to things.

Just more friendly

You will be surprised how more socially rich your life may get with lifeboats. Life in a boat does not threaten you with any isolation. You will definitely have more time spent in your community.

Your living on a houseboat always gives you a starter in the conversation. Alright, maybe not a starter but it definitely makes people remember you and take interest in you. Having a party on the boat also a unique experience that you and your friends would definitely cherish.


Living in a floating house is not for everybody. It's the choice we can make for ourselves. However, those of us who find a true calling in lifeboats are the lucky ones. Surely such a lifestyle comes with a lot of challenges and difficulties that are not present in the lives of traditional housing. But, on the other hand, life on a river can have a lot of unexpected benefits. Lifeboats can become a lifestyle that will make your life brighter and lighter. It can be fun, adventurous, and simply different from any other housing you have ever tried.


Jeff Blaylock is a part-time writer, social media influencer and boat enthusiast. Jeff travels the world in search of fun and inspiring life stories. He is also an environmentalist who is fighting for the plastic-free ocean.

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