Houseboat Essentials

January 2021 Rent By Kevin Devoto Web Exclusive

Owning a houseboat can offer you a lot of freedom in life. When you’re feeling stuck in your usual routine, all you need to do is hop on your boat and spend a bit of time away from your usual obligations. Whether you stay docked in a marina or take the vessel out for adventure, it is important that you give yourself the chance to make sure you have invested in everything that your houseboat needs to provide you with comfort and joy.

Explore these houseboat essentials that you should grab for your vessel. A few key items can make all the difference on your next excursion.


When you want to spend long, leisurely hours on your houseboat, you need to think about refreshments. It doesn’t matter if you plan on heading out alone or you’re bringing a group of friends with you, having food and drink will make all the difference on your trip. The trouble with a houseboat is figuring out how you can keep all of the refreshments you bring nice and cold until it is time to be taken out and consumed. This means an item you absolutely need for your houseboat is a cooler.

A cooler keeps all of your perishable items fresh until you are ready to break them out. While the cooler itself is a very important investment, you also need to make sure you grab ice. There’s nothing more frustrating to grab your cooler and head to your houseboat, only to realize that you forgot to stock up on ice before leaving. Make a checklist before you leave the house and be sure to include ice on this list whenever you aim to use your houseboat for a bit of relaxation.

Safety First

Safety is also quite important when you are on any type of water-faring vessel. A houseboat is no exception to this. In order for you and the people you bring aboard your houseboat to feel safe and have a good time, certain precautionary measures must be followed. Be sure to properly educate the people who come on your boat about how they should be acting in order to avoid any serious issues and limit the odds of an accident. There are also key items you can grab to help enforce safety at all times.

Life preservers are a must for your houseboat. In the event someone falls overboard and is unable to swim, a preserver or vest can make all the difference. If you have children on your boat, then you need to take a few additional steps to guarantee safety. Grabbing a pair of kids waders for your little one is a great way to enforce safety in a way that’s also fun. Also keep an extra stock of dry towels on your boat at all times in case anyone falls in and needs to be dried right away.

Sunny Days

Going out on a boat can be a lovely experience because it allows you to spend a nice chunk of time outdoors. Unfortunately, nature is not always forgiving and there are several steps you should take to keep yourself safe while exposing yourself to the elements. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, for example, can damage your skin and increase the odds of more serious illnesses like melanoma. This means items like sunscreen are definitely required essentials for your houseboat, as a bit of this cream helps to shield the skin from both UV-A and UV-B rays.

It can also be a good idea to bring along a few extra hats and pairs of sunglasses. While sunscreen is the best way of protecting your skin, a hat and glasses can offer even more safety. Plus, these items are small and can be left on your boat for whenever they’re needed.

A Day on the Water

Getting out and spending a day on the water is a lovely way to relax and enjoy your life. Be sure to grab all the essentials you’ll need for your next trip and see how it improves your experience.

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