Noé Launches High-End, Low-Energy Houseboat

December 2020 Live

The French company Noé ® has launched its environmentally friendly houseboat onto the UK market. The Noé ® solar-panelled houseboat is a canal and maritime boat which can, in principle, be approved in sailing categories B and/or C. Adapted both to quay-side living in a big city and to travelling on canals and European rivers, Noé ® lets you ‘lay anchor’ anywhere, at any time.  

Measuring 24m and customised into seven sections - the wheelhouse, rear hold, living area, terraces, greenhouse, engine and under-deck storage - Noé ® is made of natural materials and allows you to produce the energy you need at home, making monthly utility bills a thing of the past. This modern houseboat eliminates the need to be connected to water or electricity networks and ensures you will have heating, lighting, and the possibility of hot and cold food on your plate when you arrive ‘home’. Some or all of the fruit and vegetables consumed on-board are likely to have been grown in the Noé ® greenhouse designed by a permaculture specialist. 

Noé ® removes the challenges and stresses of selling and buying a house, the stress of physically moving home, and of the related, time-consuming paperwork to buy and sell a traditional property. With Noé ® you can just take your house and your car (for those absolutely necessary short trips to the doctor and dentist for example) with you. 

For those looking for the same home comforts as a land-based house and a lifestyle away from the prying eye of close neighbours, the Noé ® houseboat offers a similar high-end standard of living to a bricks and mortar house. Unlike those houseboats traditionally associated with a simpler lifestyle however, the Noé ® houseboat offers near-identical amenities to a traditional house, and comes complete with waterside views, a parking space for your car and an optional swimming pool. Noé ® also allows its residents to explore their current country of choice via picturesque river routes and to enjoy a change of scenery as and when they wish to move to their next region, country or continent, offering maximum geographical flexibility.  

Nicolas Lallemand, Managing Director and founderat Noé said "Our main goal is to create a symbiosis between the construction of boats and of tailor-made homes, whilst respecting the environment." 

To find out more about the Noé ® houseboat email: 

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